teach children about buying a home

What to Teach Kids About Buying a House

teach children about buying a homeNow that the Real Estate Market in North Carolina is changing, many people are ready to get back into the market, and buy a home.  If your family is ready to buy a home in Raleigh, and your LAST home ownership situation didn’t end well… it’s a great opportunity to have talk with your children about your home ownership dreams.   Having a financial discussion can be difficult, especially if your children are under the age of nine – but this is really a great time to discuss the “financial” part of buying a house – including budgets and “family chore” expectations.

It’s also the perfect time to have a family discussion about what your kids think about owning a home.  They may have concerns that they haven’t talked with you about yet.  As adults we understand the  importance of buying a home, but with today’s news having so many negative Real Estate stories, this “family” discussion is an important one.

A big part of what you need to talk with your kids about, according to a local psychologist is, “Why are you going back into the home buying market?  Depending on your previous experience, this might seem pretty scary to them.”

Again, as adults, we know that statistically, in Raleigh, North Carolina families that own their homes generally have students with better grades!   Having that “permanence” is important for many children – and while it is an exciting time, especially for children who are  9 to 12 years old, understanding the thought process and the financial decisions will make this an easier transition.

What to Teach Kids About Buying a House

1.) Save early: We are big Dave Ramsey Fans.  He has a wonderful program to teach kids about saving.  We highly recommend Financial Peace Junior.  As your kids save their own money for items important to them, such as the latest video game or a pair of shoes, show them you have been saving for a purchase that is important for your family’s  future… a home.

2.) Needs versus wants: Help your children understand that there’s a big difference between needs and wants when it comes to buying a home.   Sure, maybe your family would like some luxury features in a new new home, but not everybody has a pool in their backyard.  Not every house comes with a place for a dog.  There are somethings that we WANT – and then there are some features that maybe your family NEEDS – like a downstairs bedroom for grandparents who want to visit. Teach your kids the importance of identifying the features you need in your family’s home and encourage them to separate their needs from their wants when making purchases large or small.

3.) Work with a real estate agent:   Stress the importance of working with an Expert when it comes time to  buy any MAJOR purchase.  When you are purchasing a home, that means working with a Real Estate Agent who has the experience and the knowledge to help negotiate the best offer. While doing your own research is important, a real estate agent is the best resource for offering expert advice on the neighborhood, pricing and negotiating on your behalf.  We personally recommend that you get your OWN representation, as opposed to working with the Seller’s Real Estate Agent / Representative.

4.) Research and shop around: Teach your children the importance of doing their own online research.  It’s not just about them home, you need to know what credit score requirements are needed, how to improve your score so that you qualify for a mortgage loan.

5.) Payment: Without getting too specific, help your kids understand that most people require a loan to purchase a home and a new house is something that will be paid for over time.  This loan is called a mortgage and will most likely be the largest debt your family will ever take on. Teach them the terms, because they are going to be listening closely to the conversations, and the discussions about Credit Scores, payments and down payments (or no money down loan types)  and the cost of borrowing the money to buy the house.

  • Principal –  The sum of money borrowed to purchase your home.
  • Interest –  What the lender charges you to use the money you borrowed.
  • Mortgage Insurance (or PMI) – The Insurance that the Bank requires to cover any future loss
  • Closing Costs – The fees charged in relation to getting the loan

Including your children in the home buying process will help them appreciate their new home more and hopefully set them up for an easier future when they look to purchase their own first home!

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