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FHA Loans in Greensboro NC

Lots of people love living in Greensboro, NC.  Greensboro is centrally located in the Central / Piedmont area of North Carolina.  This region of North Carolina is known as the Triad, which includes the cities of Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem.  It’s centrally located in the middle of the state midway between Charlotte and Raleigh and is ideally situated just a few short hours from the beach or the mountains.

Many years ago FHA was the “go to loan” for First Time Homebuyers.  Now, we really see a wider group of homebuyers using the program.  These loans are only reserved for Owner Occupied Properties.  You can use a FHA loan to purchase a Duplex, for instance, but you will need to live in the other side. FHA does allow you to use a co-borrower to purchase a home (as long as it’s a relative) and they won’t have to live in the home with you (non-owner occupied borrower program).  This works out great in situations where one person / spouse has great credit, but the other person has all of the income.

Additionally, the Seller is allowed to pay most closing costs for FHA loans in Greensboro.

Unlike the USDA home Loan program in Greensboro and High Point, the FHA loan does not have a maximum income limit.  Because the USDA Eligibility Maps for Greensboro are scheduled to change on – many more people are interested in the FHA loan Program.  FHA loans do come with some restrictions, including maximum Loan limits per county in NC.  The maximum loan amount limits change each year, and are based upon the median sales price for the Guilford County area.

2013 FHA Loan Amount Limits for Greensboro, High Point / Guilford County, NC

  • One Family Dwelling:  $271,050
  • Two Family Dwelling:  $347,000
  • Three Family Dwelling:  $419,415

FHA Loan Limits are scheduled to change for MUCH of North Carolina on December 1, 2014.  At this time, it does not appear that the FHA loan limits for Greensboro will see a change for 2014.

FHA PMI rates have changed multiple times in the past couple of years, however, when you consider where Mortgage Interest Rates are this summer – it’s still quite the DEAL! (our first home had a mortgage interest rate of 13.25%!)

When we pre-qualify someone for a FHA loan, we will also check to see if you qualify for the new  NC First Time Home Buyer Program.  This loan through the NC Affordable Housing Program offers a 3% Grant that can be used for the Down payment, or closing costs.  With changes to the program in May of 2013, it’s now available to anyone who has been renting for the last 3 years.  In addition to the Grant, the NCHFA First Time Home Buyer Program benefits include additional Mortgage Tax Credits (MCC), below market mortgage interest rates and the opportunity to purchase a slightly larger home.  There are no maximum loan amounts or Sales Price restrictions with this program, however minimum credit scores are 640.

2013 Maximum Income Limits for Households in Greensboro for NC First Time Home Buyer Programs

  • Greensboro and High Point Household limits are $85,000 for the Advantage Grant program.  The maximum income for a family of 3 or more with the MCC Mortgage Tax Credit 2013 is $66,000

VIEW ALL Underwriting Guidelines for FHA Loans in Greensboro NC

Q: Can I use a FHA loan to purchase a Condominium in Greensboro?

A:  Yes.  However, FHA has recently changed their Condominium approval process, making it more difficult for Associations to Qualify – especially if there are number of rental properties in the building.

Many Condo Projects in Greensboro NC that were approved prior to 2011 have not had their approvals renewed.  There are specific guidelines issued and documentation that needs to be updated for the Condominium project to get approval.  Until that process is complete, projects that “lost” their approval are not eligible for FHA Mortgage Loans in NC.

With the renewed interest by First Time Homebuyers to live in more “walkable” urban areas – condos in NC are very appealing.  Because most condos in NC are located in more densely populated areas, they are generally not eligible for USDA Home loans, which require no money down.  The NC First Time Homebuyer Program (which we offer) does allow for a 3% downpayment grant, and the 3.5% down payment required could also be a gift from a family member.

Looking for a home in the Greensboro / High Point area?  Call Steve and Eleanor Thorne 919 649 5058.  We do TONS of FHA loans in NC and we’d love to help you!  We also have Today’s Best Mortgage Rates in Greensboro and High Point NC!


  1. Jaime Brown says

    I am rebuilding my credit and right now its around 550-560, I want to know where my score needs to be to get a loan

  2. says

    Jamie you need a score above or close to 600 to qualify for a FHA loan. If you can’t raise the money for a down payment, you will need a higher score. FHA Down Payment assistance from the State of NC requires 640. Here are some tips for raising your score, call us if you have any questions, there’s no charge, and we will be glad to run a “Scenario” on your credit profile. It will tell us specifically what will raise your scores the fastest :) 919 649 5058

I try and answer all questions :)