Mortgage Rates Today

Mortgage Rates Today, Lower?

Mortgage Rates today are being affected by three things.  Russia, Oil and the FED meeting later today.  When we woke up around 6, we had a positive opening suggested for the DOW, and the outlook for the US Bond Market was looking pretty "normal."  Then things changed, in the middle of the Russian night, and all of a sudden it looks … [Read More...]

Saving For Your First Home

Saving For Your First Home

I saw a post on Twitter about a couple who saved over $100k to buy their first house by sharply cutting expenses.  I immediately thought, well, they lived with … [Read More...]


Saving for a Home

We talk young folks all the time who are doing some pretty creative things to save for a home in North Carolina.  And who can blame them?  Home prices are still … [Read More...]

FHA Home Loans NC


FHA PMI Rates 2015

FHA announced that despite some skeptics in Congress, FHA will lower the FHA PMI Rates on January 26th.  The new rates are going down by almost … [Read More...]

USDA Home Loans NC