Single Parent Programs to Buy A Home in NC


With the Economy in a “slump” statistics show more and more families have a single parent.  Great news!  There are lots of opportunities and  Single Parent Programs to Buy A Home in North Carolina! If you are in this situation, and want to purchase a home, there are some very specific details you should know: FHA […]

Kiddie Condos are Not Just for Kiddies!

Buy a condo in Raleigh

FHA Home Loans have a provision that allows family members to more easily help each other out in the home buying process.  They allow family to provide gifts for down payment, closing costs and to pay debt off in order to qualify for the new home. FHA Home Loans also have a way for family […]

One Borrower Has Income One Borrower Has Credit Score


When one borrower has most of the income… the other borrower has good credit scores… there ARE options for purchasing a home. Look at the question we had yesterday: “We want to purchase a home, and I want to know if we can get it.  My husband currently has a mid credit score of 538, […]

FHA Underwriting Guidelines for NC


We talk to people everyday who have questions about qualifying for a FHA Mortgage Loan in NC.  FHA Underwriting Guidelines, are actually pretty straightforward.  Unlike qualifying for a VA Mortgage loan (where you must be a qualifying Veteran) or a USDA Home Loan (that requires that you meet income limits for your county and the […]

Changing Jobs Before You Buy A House

Changing Jobs Before You Buy A House

In the last few days I’ll bet we’ve talked to 4 people who say that they are considering a job change, and want to know what that’s going to do to their pre qualification to buy a home.  Changing jobs before you buy a house is definitely better (in my opinion) than doing it DURING […]

FHA and Non-Occupying Co-Signors


FHA has a unique qualification / underwriting guideline, that allows you to purchase a home, with a relative that does not live in the house… “The FHA Non-Occupying Co-Signor Program”  is sometimes, referred to in the Mortgage Industry as a “Kiddie Condo,”  because frankly it’s perfect for purchasing a house for kids in college! Instead of […]