Single Parent Programs to Buy A Home in NC


With the Economy in a ‚Äúslump‚ÄĚ statistics show more and more families have a single parent. ¬†Great news! ¬†There are lots of opportunities and ¬†Single Parent Programs to Buy A Home in North Carolina!¬†If you are in this situation, and want to purchase a home, there are some very specific details you should know: FHA […]

Kiddie Condos are Not Just for Kiddies!

Buy a condo in Raleigh

FHA Home Loans have a provision that allows family members to more easily help each other out in the home buying process. ¬†They allow family to provide gifts for down payment, closing costs and to pay debt off in order to qualify for the new home. FHA Home Loans also have a way for family […]

One Borrower Has Income One Borrower Has Credit Score


When one borrower has most of the income… the other borrower has good credit scores… there ARE options for purchasing a home. Look at the question we had yesterday: “We want to purchase a home, and I want to know if we can get it. ¬†My husband currently has a mid credit score of 538, […]

FHA Underwriting Guidelines for NC


We talk to people everyday who have questions about qualifying for a FHA Mortgage Loan in NC.¬† FHA Underwriting Guidelines, are actually pretty straightforward.¬† Unlike qualifying for a VA Mortgage loan (where you must be a qualifying Veteran) or a USDA Home Loan (that requires that you meet income limits for your county and the […]

Changing Jobs Before You Buy A House

Changing Jobs Before You Buy A House

In the last few days I’ll bet we’ve talked to 4 people who say that they are considering a job change, and want to know what that’s going to do to their pre qualification to buy a home. ¬†Changing jobs before you buy a house is definitely better (in my opinion) than doing it DURING […]

FHA and Non-Occupying Co-Signors


FHA has a unique qualification / underwriting guideline, that allows you to purchase a home, with a relative that does not live in the house… “The FHA Non-Occupying Co-Signor Program”¬†¬†is sometimes, referred to in the Mortgage Industry as a ‚ÄúKiddie Condo,‚Ä̬† because frankly it‚Äôs perfect for purchasing a house for kids in college! Instead of […]