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Looking for a Home – When Do I Apply?


This is a question that was posted recently on Trulia Voices… “Looking for a Home in the Triangle.  I think I’ll be ready to purchase in March of 2015.  When should I apply for a mortgage???” People who are considering a move to the Triangle need to plan for their home purchase.  If you will be […]

Student Loan (IBR) and Mortgage Qualification 2014

Student Loan IBR and Mortgage Qualification 2014

We’ve had a ton of questions from folks, looking for information about their Student Loans, and how the payments on the deferred student loans, and IBR Student Loan payments will be looked at when they are applying for a mortgage.  Unfortunately, these questions are pretty difficult to answer in any “broad” way…  because every mortgage […]

How Do I Start the HomeBuying Process?

How do I start the HomeBuying Process

We talk so many first time home buyers every week, and often times the conversation starts with, How do I start the HomeBuying Process -  They’ve looked online, they’ve talked to friends… and they’ve gotten the notice from their landlord that their Rent is going up. It’s pretty easy to calculate what the principal and interest […]

Requirements for A Home Loan in NC: Payment Shock

Requirements for A Home Loan in NC: Payment Shock

Let’s say you’ve been living at home, saving money to purchase your first home, and you are one of those lucky folks who have never paid rent before.  Did you know that you could be scrutinized by the mortgage underwriter a little harder than other folks, even if you have good credit scores?  One of […]

Credit Score Basics – For First Time Homebuyers

Credit Score Basics for First Time HomeBuyers in NC

For instance the “Free Credit” jingle that folks listen to, and then PAY for doesn’t have a matrix that is anywhere close to the “Mortgage” matrix we must use to score you! We’ve seen many people who thought their credit score was “up” to 640 – when we pulled it and found that the score was actually 618, the customer thought we were crazy! We weren’t… there’s just a difference between a Mortgage Report Score, A Medical Credit Score, and a Retail Credit Score.

Recent College Graduates – Tips For Buying A Home

Recent Graduate Homebuyer Tips

NC First Time Homebuyers, especially those who are recent college grads, need to know how to get credit built up so that they can buy a home – they also want to know what options they have for purchasing a home, especially while rates are so very low.  Great News!  The NCHFA recently updated their […]

3 Tips For Mortgage Approval With Deferred Student Loans 2014

Mortgage Approval With Deferred Student Loans 2014

More than 65% of the First Time Home Buyers we talk to have some amount of Student Loan Debt.  Because there are so many different ways to pay for college now,  many of those we talk to have not even started paying for all of the debt they accrued while in college.  If you are […]

Applying for a Mortgage? Do’s and Don’t List

Applying for a Mortgage first time home buyer

First time Home Buyers, and even those who haven’t purchased a home in a while, can be a little intimidated by the process – especially if they watch the news, which is saying it is so TOUGH to get a mortgage!  It doesn’t have to be overwhelming!  There are a few things that everyone who […]

7 Things a NC First Time Home Buyer Should Know

7 Things NC First Time Home Buyers Should Know, NC Mortgage Experts

So you’re ready to move out on your own, and Kiss Your Landlord Good-bye?  CONGRATULATIONS!  Real Estate Is Cheap! That’s not just a saying, for many places in NC, that’s a F-A-C-T! And, while there are “Deals” available right now… the lower end, first time home buyer properties are seeing prices go higher. There’s more demand […]