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Government Mortgage Loan PMI Rates

pmi rates

The FHA Mortgage Loan Program, the Veteran’s Administration and the USDA Home Loan Program do not ACTUALLY make loans.  They simply insure the bank against default, they issue underwriting guidelines to tell the banks which loans they WILL insure and which ones won’t cut the mustard.  Those guidelines are loosely used by Banks, with many […]

How PMI Is Calculated – 2014 PMI Rates

How PMI Is Calculated - 2014 PMI Rates

There are currently five options for structuring PMI on a mortgage loan, and frankly, that number is on the rise.  “PMI” is actually Private Mortgage Insurance.  It’s the insurance that’s charged on ANY mortgage loan where there’s less than a 20% down payment made. Because of the number of ways that PMI is Calculated, and […]

First Time Home Buyer Loans NC FAQs

First Time Home Buyer Loans

Are you tired of hauling the laundry down to a dark basement, or better yet, LIVING in your PARENTS basement?  Maybe it’s time to buy a home for yourself! We’ve heard all of the doubts from folks who think, I am just able to save a LITTLE bit of money renting – HOW am I […]

Newlyweds Buying A Home in NC How Title Works

Newlyweds Buying A Home in NC How Title Works

Are you getting married, AND buying a home in NC?  Many people are looking at ways to incorporate these two big steps into a quick step in NC – and they are opting to get married and buy a house within weeks of each other. Many times folks get a “picture” in their head of […]

Do I Need Title Insurance On My NC Mortgage?


First Time Homebuyers we talk to want to know what is included in Closing Costs.  Obviously there’s an appraisal fee, a credit report – you might want to have a Home Inspection… but we often get asked what Title Insurance is… and the next question is, “Do I Need It??” Title Insurance:  This is a […]

First Time Home Buyer! Mortgage Terms You Should Know!

First Time Home Buyer

If you are recently married, you might be looking towards your next big event together, buying your first home together! We find that going through the mortgage process can be similar to going through the Wedding Planning – there’s so much to learn, plan, budget for, it can get overwhelming! There are also First Time […]

Looking for a Home – When Do I Apply?


This is a question that was posted recently on Trulia Voices… “Looking for a Home in the Triangle.  I think I’ll be ready to purchase in March of 2015.  When should I apply for a mortgage???” People who are considering a move to the Triangle need to plan for their home purchase.  If you will be […]

Student Loan (IBR) and Mortgage Qualification 2014

Student Loan IBR and Mortgage Qualification 2014

We’ve had a ton of questions from folks, looking for information about their Student Loans, and how the payments on the deferred student loans, and IBR Student Loan payments will be looked at when they are applying for a mortgage.  Unfortunately, these questions are pretty difficult to answer in any “broad” way…  because every mortgage […]

How Do I Start the HomeBuying Process?

How do I start the HomeBuying Process

We talk so many first time home buyers every week, and often times the conversation starts with, How do I start the HomeBuying Process –  They’ve looked online, they’ve talked to friends… and they’ve gotten the notice from their landlord that their Rent is going up. It’s pretty easy to calculate what the principal and interest […]